Arrow Coffee was a college project that I recently updated. The idea was to take a small local business and give its brand an update. I really enjoyed this project because I was able to start from logo redesign and continue on to how the new look was applied.
Great Plains Precision Ag (GPPA) is an agriculture technology company. They help farmers analyze their fields and crops to determine which areas are low or high yielding. GPPA partners with other ag tech companies to provide services, equipment or products that will help solve the problem areas in a farmer's field. This company needed a brand update but didn't want to change their logo because of brand recognition. Using bold imagery and a simplified font family along with a new set of icons, I designed several marketing pieces and to draw attention to their services. 
Taiga is a veteran owned company dedicated to making high quality coolers and tumblers for the those adventure seekers. They were also tied to their logo but needed a look and feel update. The challenge was to find effective ways to showcase all the capabilities Taiga had to offer.
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