Hey there! My name is Victoria Garrett and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in south Texas, so naturally I love warm weather. I graduated from Collegiate High School with my high school diploma as well as an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. I moved to Kansas shortly after graduating to attend Kansas State University. I spent my first year thinking I would be an engineer. I quickly learned that calculus and I did not get along. After spending some time away from school I discovered that I was interested in Graphic Design. I spent the next few years in the art department and felt like I had found where I belong.

I am currently a senior in the Graphic Design Program. Since my Associates Degree is behind me, and most of my core classes, I was able to take up a second concentration in Metalsmithing. Both of these concentrations allow me to discover different forms of art. After graduation day in May 2019, I plan to pursue a career in Graphic Design and keep my Metalsmithing as a hobby. 
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